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Books are your best friends. They won’t laugh at you,

won’t cheat you but you’ll learn a lot from them.

Jan Rak

The library garners literature and popular science books from different knowledge domains according to community’s needs. There are over 30 thousands books in the collection. The number is growing thanks to local council, Ministry of Culture, National Heritage founds and also from donations. In the library there are books from all knowledge domains. Everyday the library not only gathers, indexes and makes the collection available to the readers, but it is also a central point of culture in the city. It integrates its readers through frequently organized paintings exhibitions, best Christmas postcard competitions or best Christmas decorations competitions, Easter eggs adornment workshops, reading aloud mornings, poetry afternoons and holiday classes for children.

Borrowing books for adults and children

Opening times for readers.

Monday: 9ºº - 13ºº

Tuesday – Friday: 10ºº - 18ºº

Saturday: 10ºº – 13ºº

There is also a reading room where you can borrow books from a reference library. You can find mainly dictionaries, encyclopedias, science compendiums, lexicons and books there, which are representatives of different knowledge domains.

The Gashin Gallery found in the reading room organizes different exhibitions and meetings with the authors.

Internet access

Readers can use three computers with free Internet access.

The Reading room subscribes newspapers and magazines which can be borrowed (apart from current).

The list of subscribed or got as donation titles:

  1. Cogito
  2. Viktor Junior
  3. Victor Gimnazjalista
  4. Claudia
  5. Poradnik domowy
  6. Poradnik Bibliotekarza
  7. M jak Mieszkanie
  8. Mój piękny ogród
  9. Nowe książki
  10. Nowiny Gliwickie
  11. Piłka nożna
  12. Przyjaciółka
  13. Samo zdrowie
  14. Śląsk
  15. Twój styl
  16. Wiedza i życie
  17. Wprost
  18. Po troszku o Toszku
  19. Wiadomości Powiatu Gliwickiego





Biblioteki Powiatu Gliwickiego