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Culture Centre „Toszek Castle” is a council cultural institution. It was created in 1977 by the town council as The Council Culture Centre in Toszek. Since that time the institution changed the name twice, in 1980 and 2007 and became Culture Centre “Toszek Castle”.

Our mission

Diagnosis, development, and fulfillment of cultural and educational needs, interests of local community and promotion of cultural development. Cooperation with non-governmental organizations and informal local groups. Promotion of reading. Managing of a historical castle entered in the Registry of Historic Monuments. Development of tourism and promotion of the place by historic events.

Unconventional functioning of the institution result in a commercial enterprise which financial resources are allocated to the realization of multidirectional actions dedicated to culture and protection of precious cultural heritage, namely the castle in Toszek.

To realize the mission work:

Artur Czok – managing director

Anna Pocześniok – office, cash desk

Marketing and Events Organization Department
Dominika Witkowska - head of department
Barbara Skawińska - instructor
Ewa Adamczyk – catering specialist

Financial Department
Lidia Kukowka - chief accountant
Joanna Pietrzyk - financial specialist

Department of Libraries
Anna Kania - head of departament
Bernadeta Gola – librarian
Gabriela Mrzygłód – librarian, Irena Nowrot - librarian

Małgorzata Filipek , Bożena Marter

Technical Department
Marian Hołda - foreman
Sylwia Brajtkopf - cleaner
Elżbieta Tomanek - cleaner
Zenon Nowak - support staff
Henryk Pocześniok - support staff
Krzysztof Smędzik - support staff